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Love this website. Awesome merchandise and prices! I will definitely recommend this site to my friends!
Anonymous, 02/27/17
I love bluefly for its efficiency and low cost on great quality products
China, 02/27/17
I really enjoyed shopping at Bluefly, lots of shoes to choose from and good prices. The check out was fast and easy also, and no shipping charge. Thank you Bluefly.
Anonymous, 02/25/17
I've just been recently introduced to bluefly and I love to online shop, so I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of merchandise I have to choose from with unbelievably cheap prices to boot. You have a happy new customer in me
Chels, 02/24/17
My mother and I have had the best experience shopping at Bluefly! We can't wait to purchase again from your company, because it seems to be highly beneficial!
Bre, 02/23/17
Found a item that was hard to come by but they had one, thanks so much for a great price and free shipping.
Larry, 02/20/17
I have always had a great experience with Bluefly. Great sales, great products and great service.
Cheech, 02/18/17
I was delighted to find the product I was looking for--expensive French sandals--at a substantial discount. The order was delivered quickly and it's exactly what I had ordered. Thank you.
Lily, 02/17/17
Very pleasant experience shopping through Bluefly. I have been using this site for years and I do recommend this other site to friends and family.
John, 02/14/17
I was glad to find my purchase much cheaper on Bluefly than anywhere else. Great products at great prices!
Mhen44, 02/12/17
I've always had a great experience with Bluefly; over the past 16 years I've never had an issue purchasing products through the website and appreciate the customer service they have provided. As a responsible 'consumer/purchaser' of quality products, Bluefly has made it easy for me to shop.
Dan, 02/12/17
I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Bluefly. In a desperate search for this particular coat, I've been watching on various sites. Bluefly appeared just when I thought all hope was lost. And for the lowest price thus far.
Vanaloon, 02/12/17
Impressive site. I will definitely return and recommend this site for future purchases for my entire family.
Anonymous, 02/12/17
For some reason, I love this site and have been coming here for years. It's the best one to make you feel like you're in an upscale store.
Anonymous, 02/11/17
I love shopping at Bluefly. Anytime I am looking for an item I go to Bluefly first.
Phil, 02/10/17
I have never been disappointed with a purchase from Bluefly, and I've been a loyal customer for over ten years now! Thanks for being such a great company, both for products and customer service. Bluefly is definitely my guilty pleasure :)
JenMoz, 02/10/17
I enjoy shopping at Bluefly. Prompt delivery and high quality products.
Sam, 02/07/17
Every item I've purchased from Bluefly has always been just what I wanted. The quality is superb.
Linda, 02/06/17
I was very satisfied with my Bluefly experience, as always. My items arrived ahead of schedule and at a great price. The free shipping on this order was a nice bonus.
Sean, 01/29/17
Enjoy shopping with Bluefly. Your variety of designers and pricing brings me back!
Anonymous, 01/26/17
Great place to shop for the best quality merchandise!
Tiger, 01/26/17
Had a quick and excellent shopping experience today. Really happy with the detailed info provided about the items I was looking at, LOVED the prices!
Anonymous, 01/25/17
Large variety of name brand clothing that is both modern and different. I like things that aren't all alike and mix it up a bit. The sale prices allow me to make more than one purchase for the same amount in my budget.
Ange, 01/25/17
Great selection of fine jewelry. I'm excited about getting more items from Bluefly.
Nilzroar, 01/24/17
I love shopping here and I love the brands. I am always happy with my purchases
Anonymous, 01/21/17
Bluefly has a great selection of designer brands at affordable costs. I will be purchasing here again in the future.
anab96, 01/21/17
I love shopping here and I love the brands. I am always happy with my purchases
Anonymous, 01/21/17
I've always been obsessed with designer clothing and accessories, and now I can purchase them without having to worry about how my credit card will feel afterwards!
Anonymous, 01/19/17
Love this site, love the prices, love the selection.
Maureen, 01/19/17
Very efficient market place to get good merchandise at an affordable price.
Barbees, 01/12/17
My family has been shopping at Bluefly since I was little. First online purchase for my boyfriend's favorite pair of shoes at the cheapest price I can find at the moment, with free shipping! Will definitely shop online at Bluefly more often now.
Jasmine, 01/10/17
Found exactly what I wanted at a much reduced rate plus free shipping and returns is fantastic!
happycamper, 01/10/17
It is awesome!! I simply love the collection and rates. I have checked other websites simultaneously and they have higher rates of the same product even after discount. Customer service is great too. Highly recommend Bluefly to all my friends.
shefan, 01/10/17
Bluefly is amazing! I love it -- they are also great on returns and customer service - everyone is super helpful their products are great and such a steal
KC, 01/10/17
The purse is beautiful--exactly as described and shown online. It was well packaged and quickly sent. Thanks for everything!
Marj, 01/08/17
The ease of shopping, the diverse selection of products, the really competitive pricing, along with the free shipping will make me a repeat customer.
Claudia, 01/05/17
I am very satisfied with Bluefly's Product pricing. Because of it I could buy a gift for my girlfriend at a reasonable price.
Donghyun, 01/03/17
Bluefly took away the guilt and put back the sheer pleasure of finding just the right pair of designer sunglasses to replace the expensive pair I had recently lost. And with Bluefly's amazing deals, I replaced my previous pair with two great designer styles for less than I had paid for my lost pair.
SunnyinPA, 01/02/17
I love that I can purchase designer things without the designer price.
Ro, 01/02/17
Love this site! Great prices for designer clothing. As a college student I do not have the budget for high end clothing, but BlueFly makes it possible.
Taylor, 12/30/17
I enjoyed the variety of designers found on the site and search options that helped me tailor my experience to exactly what I needed.
Amber D., 12/28/17
Love the selections - very high quality and the prices are great!
Dre, 12/20/16
I loved using this site! I found a great deal that saved me hundreds of dollars on the jacket I wanted! I will be back again for sure!
Erika, 12/20/16
Great to see wide fit shoes!!!
Anonymous, 12/20/16
Wonderful product selection
Molly, 12/20/16
my first buy at Bluefly was just wonderful as I found The dress that I was looking for. I was redirected from Google when I searched for the dress.
Lainie, 12/20/16
Great website! Easy to order what you want and a simple layout that gets you to where you want to be quickly. Effortless.
Gregory, 12/19/16
Excellent service. Fast delivery I love it and good prices! Amen
Maribel, 12/19/16
Easy shopping. Precise descriptive items make purchasing a breeze.
Dano, 12/19/16
If I have problems with website, telephone support always readily available, polite and patient.
Nancy, 12/19/16
Bluefly has pretty good sales. That's what always draws me to the site.
Will, 12/19/16
I was so pleased with my hat that I ordered boots the following week and am awaiting their arrival.
Simonetta, 12/18/16
Great prices. Hope my best friend loves her gift. I know I do!
Denise, 12/17/16
Bluefly was an easy site to navigate and locate the item I was specifically looking for.
CKB, 12/17/16