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Vix Swimwear

Brazil may be known for its sexy beaches, but one of the country’s best exports is Paula Hermanny’s sultry Vix Swimwear. From her experiences growing up in the gorgeous beach city of Vitoria, Brazil, Paula Hermanny set out to create a line of swimwear that embodied the tastes of what she imagined as the stylish woman on the global scene. Vix Swimwear is the culmination of that effort and today the label consists of fashion forward pieces that incorporate eye-catching materials such as resin, tortoise shell, gold and leather. Vix bikinis and swimsuits are regularly featured in prominent publications and are a staple for the world's most famous beach beauties. Her designs are created with mixing and matching in mind which allows the wearer to express her own personal style. It is important to Paula Hermanny that women who wear Vix Swimwear “will never grow old in the eyes of fashion,” and by the looks of the label’s success it seems that the Vix woman will forever be in vogue.
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