1. A Wise Investment

Let’s be real–finding a luxury designer handbag for an absolute steal feels so good that we almost start to wonder if it’s wrong. Louis Vuitton Monogram Papillons for less that $500?! Believe it here at Bluefly. Even better, pre-owned/vintage bags retain their value and can even increase in value. So not only are you giving your wallet a rest, but you are actually making a wiser investment by buying pre-owned.

2. Save The Planet

More than ever, recycling and limiting waste are of the utmost importance. But buying a Givenchy Antigona = sustainable?! Yup, you’re helping the earth and looking fabulous while doing it. Plus, did you know that brands will actually burn unsold styles? In fact, according to Business Insider, a time-honored luxury design house burned over $36 million in unsold stock. The pre-owned market is actively attempting to cut down wasteful practices by procuring that merchandise for you to buy.

3. Instant Gratification

Bad news: we’re not all Samantha Jones. Most of us simply don’t have the clout to cut an exclusive, years-long waiting list for a Birkin. But with pre-owned handbags, you have immediate access to coveted styles that have limited availability. Plus, pre-owned offers more options than you will find in-store. Because of the meticulous production process used by these brands, there are no typical “back” stockrooms with shelves full of inventory in an array of colors.

4. Own A Piece Of History

The pre-owned handbag market is expanding more than ever, so no more scavenger hunts on auction sites. You can easily grab a 2.55 Chanel bag, which Coco Chanel herself designed specifically with a flap compartment to hide her love letters; or the Hermes Kelly bag, which was iconically carried by Grace Kelly over 60 years ago. Fashion connoisseurs rejoice–collecting the world’s most-wanted styles has never been easier.

5. ...Or Something Right Off The Runway

If you were dying for a bag in this past season’s color palette but were limited by your bank account, or ready to buy a piece from the hottest designer collaboration of the year but ended up crushed by how fast it sold out–perk up! The pre-owned market isn’t limited by season, whether it was last year or 20 years ago.

6. Sticking To What You Know

All of us accessory addicts can name those classic bags we loved and wore for years. Your go-to may have been released an eternity ago in the fast-paced fashion world, but with pre-owned you’re able (and encouraged) to indulge in the nostalgia of your trusted style. Some of us hold onto our old baby blankets, and some of us have our 1990s nylon Prada bags. (Basically the same thing, right?)

7. You Deserve Only The Best

There is a reason why vintage is so popular and coveted. True luxury lovers know that the unparalleled, delicate craftsmanship of eras past is what makes certain models the most sought-after pieces in fashion history. Plus, our collection is rigorously vetted and monitored for quality. Our guarantee ensures that you will never be sold a bag that is in anything less than satisfactory condition.

8. “Discontinued” Isn’t A Thing...

Missing that eye-catching aesthetic of the Balenciaga Giant 21 Hardware bag or the versatile Chanel GST? Our partners are always on the lookout for discontinued styles, so you can shop for any bag, any time. Not to mention, rare = valuable! So if you’re a collector or think you may be interested in resale down the road–the time to invest is now.

9. Your Wallet Will Thank You

Even if you’re not a collector, there’s no reason not to buy pre-owned. If you have a craving for luxury, pre-owned lets you indulge intelligently and often. Plus, Bluefly offers monthly payments with Affirm, which makes the steal-worthy prices even better and more manageable than ever.

10. It’s So Easy...You Can Shop Right Now

With our carefully curated selection of world-famous brands, promised quality and unbelievable pricing with the game-changing option of monthly payments, buying pre-owned & vintage handbags has never been so simple. In fact, take a look at these iconic styles below–ownership of one (or two, or all of them…) is just a few clicks away.