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Great site! Many items to choose from. Excellent prices. User friendly. Highly recommended!
Emmy, 09/27/17
Bluefly is a great option for purchasing designer clothes and accessories at affordable prices. I've found items here that I didn't think I could afford!
Julia, 09/25/17
I have shopped for high end accessories from Bluefly since 2003. Excellent items always!
MzJFlys, 09/23/17
I love the way everything is presented on the site. Pictures are great and it seems like a limited number of clicks get me everything I need!
Chip, 09/22/17
Super easy experience purchasing some awesome boots! Easy to navigate website and ordering process.
Anonymous, 09/21/17
I like this site because it gives me an opportunity to purchase items that would generally be out of my price range. I appreciate the great sales.
Leigh, 09/20/17
I really liked the availability of the products that I wanted. The price was great as well.
Cece, 09/18/17
Woke up to an email, have been looking for these shoes, and delighted to see them on sale. I grabbed the only pair in my size, and looking forward to them. Easy check out & happy to find it on sale!
BrownKalani, 09/11/17
Love the high end items that you cannot find anywhere else and I'm able to make monthly payments with Affirm!
Ilene, 09/09/17
I've been shopping at for the last 12 years and I love the items the selections and the prices
Anonymous, 09/06/17
I always thought Bluefly was for luxury brand names that I could never afford even on sale- I checked out the site and knew that it was quality products and discovered that some of the products were in my price range! It was a great online experience!
Tiffany, 09/03/17
I love the versatility of the styles and more importantly, I love the prices.
Mel, 09/03/17
Really love Bluefly! I have been a customer for several years now. Would never be able to afford such high end products without you guys doing what you do. 10/10!!!
Anonymous, 09/01/17
My shopping experience is always the best with Bluefly!! I love the items and there are always many great bargains to choose from. What an Outstanding site!
Connie, 08/28/17
This site is wonderful. I am able to buy all the brand names with the best discounts. I certainly will keep checking for any great deals in the future.
bestcheckout, 08/26/17
I have been a Bluefly customer for several years and love the merchandise they offer (especially purses) and am now glad they offer Affirm as a payment option!
Anonymous, 08/24/17
I have shopped Bluefly for roughly 15 years. I like the products and selection. I always feel like I am getting a good deal. I like that most of what I find and buy on Bluefly is NOT what other people are wearing. I get complements on the items I buy from Bluefly.
Anonymous, 08/20/17
Bluefly is the perfect online vendor for shopping upscale items at affordable prices. The choices and variety of manufacturers is great.
jellybean, 08/15/17
Bluefly is perfect. Have been shopping here for a lot of years now and have never been disappointed with any of my purchases.
Anonymous, 08/13/17
I love shopping Bluefly, and am amazed at your selection. I continue to receive compliments on the two coats I've purchased over time and have found the quality to be excellent!
Sam, 08/12/17
I've ordered from Bluefly at least a dozen times in the past and have never had a problem or been dissatisfied. What's not to love? Free shipping, easy returns, designer clothes, and great sales.
Jen, 08/12/17
Bluefly is an awesome website, it allows you to purchase high end, quality products at great prices and the free shipping is the fashion cherry on top!
MoJo, 08/10/17
Love the selection the website provides and also the amount of brands they can be found here as well. Thank you for making things easy to find by the search button.
Loxy, 08/08/17
This was my first purchase from Bluefly. Product, service, and price were all excellent. I'm impressed!
capetown, 08/03/17
Every time I want something sleek and stylish (and affordable), I shop Bluefly!
Dutch, 08/02/17
Absolutely love my shoes. Have told everyone about the variety of shoes offerred. Thanks much!!!
Neicey, 08/01/17
I was referred to Bluefly from a longtime customer and certainly wasn't let down. At one point, I had six or seven browser tabs open with shoes I wanted but finally (and difficulty) narrowed it down to one pair. I just placed my first order and I'm already thinking about the next order!
Lindsay T., 08/01/17
I got some clearly spectacular deals on high quality items not found elsewhere online. They were often 'the last one' which just happened to be in my size! Makes it all the more rewarding and special. Thanks so much.
Anonymous, 07/25/17
First purchase and I'm very satisfied! Great quality products, and I'm very excited to get the items!
Anonymous, 07/19/17
Absolutely amazing service!!! My shoes came before the estimated arrival date!! The shoes are very comfortable and stylish which sometimes is hard to find a stylish comfortable work boot! Love love them!
Anonymous, 07/18/17
My first time here and I fell in love with your watch selection and prices. I'll be back.
Brad, 07/12/17
I was told about the site by a friend while we were looking for items for an upcoming gala we have to attend/work. I am so glad she did! I'm totally using this site again.
Sarita, 07/04/17
The dress is fabulous and the price is unbeatable!! I am so impressed that I will be shopping at Bluefly regularly.
Suze, 06/26/17
Incredible prices that are affordable to students like myself. I would definitely recommend this website to all of my friends.
Lily, 06/25/17
I am excited to get my favorite shoe in such a cool color at well below the market price!
Catrunz, 06/19/17
I chose this website because they had a color of shoe that no other website had! I was very happy with how easy the checkout process was, especially as a new customer. I had a great experience!
Jake, 06/15/17
Bluefly was an exciting shopping experience! Great variety and easy to navigate!
Kristen, 06/08/17
Favorite online one stop shop for everyone in my family! Thank you for the great deals and excellent customer service.
Anonymous, 05/30/17
Great products and brands that are on trend. Great customer service experiences that made me a satisfied and repeat customer.
Kendra, 05/22/17
LOVE BLUEFLY! I intend to continue being a loyal customer. Thank you for great items at great pricepoints!.
nschan, 05/18/17
I'm very impressed with Bluefly. They have a large selection of quality products at great discounts. I'll definitely shop on Bluefly again.
Mamalucy, 05/13/17
Although I was just browsing, a particular item caught my eye. At a greatly reduced price, I ordered a high quality coat. Product and delivery exceeded my expectations. I look forward to wearing it this autumn!
CoCo, 05/12/17
I love the selection of products the company offers and appreciate the different color ways available for the same exact style of products. I see a lot of the products sold on the Bluefly website also being sold for the original MSRP prices in regular retail stores, so I love Bluefly a lot.
sayheytay, 05/10/17
Bluefly enables me to buy the designer clothes and shoes I love at a fraction of the original price.
Barbara, 05/06/17
I've been a customer for about 4 years know, maybe longer. I love the different styles they have to offer. I'm a shoe fanatic and yet to see any of the shoes I've purchased on anyone. Love it. Prices on everything are impressive for the merchandise mostly designer clothes. A plus for that. Keep doing what you do best Bluefly. Staying FLY.
Shoelover4ever, 04/28/17
Wonderful shopping experience with Bluefly! So much variety with such great prices! You can find anything you're looking for!
Aliice, 04/21/17
Bluefly is great for buying high-end items at affordable prices. Fast, prompt, and professional when you have very little time on your hands and in a hurry. Thank you
Lily, 04/15/17
As a person who hates going to malls, Bluefly is by far my favorite site that feeds my fashionista fix. Best selection and awesome prices! Thank you!
Jiggz, 04/12/17
Bluefly provides quality merchandise for great prices. I appreciate that their sizing range includes plus sizes.
MaryCateS, 04/08/17
Great price on exactly the item I wanted. Arrived 1 day early, pristine condition, perfect packaging. Love love love this experience, and of course the new handbag!! Thank you Bluefly!
Jen, 04/03/17
It was my first time shopping here and I love it. I plan on shopping here often. I would recommend this site to friends and family. The discount is great!
Kitty, 03/29/17
Bluefly is a great website for discounted designer deals and steals!
Anonymous, 03/26/17
Quality designer clothing at very reasonable prices. My first place to shop for fancy evening outfits. Always up to date fashions. Always a great deal to find. And your return policy is excellent! Thanks!
Mimser, 03/24/17
I LOVE Bluefly! As a fashionista, I need to be able to purchase quality designer items at a decent price and Bluefly allows me to do that :-)
Born2Shop, 03/15/17
I really enjoyed shopping on line at Bluefly. A wide selection of boots and have good prices also. Fast delivery and free shipping. Thanks Bluefly.
eckotome, 03/12/17
Great experience! Easy to locate what I wanted, lots of options for narrowing down choices. Very happy with my experience.
Katie, 03/05/17
I've just been recently introduced to bluefly and I love to online shop, so I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of merchandise I have to choose from with unbelievably cheap prices to boot. You have a happy new customer in me
Chels, 02/24/17
My mother and I have had the best experience shopping at Bluefly! We can't wait to purchase again from your company, because it seems to be highly beneficial!
Bre, 02/23/17
I was delighted to find the product I was looking for--expensive French sandals--at a substantial discount. The order was delivered quickly and it's exactly what I had ordered. Thank you.
Lily, 02/17/17
Very pleasant experience shopping through Bluefly. I have been using this site for years and I do recommend this other site to friends and family.
John, 02/14/17
I've always had a great experience with Bluefly; over the past 16 years I've never had an issue purchasing products through the website and appreciate the customer service they have provided. As a responsible 'consumer/purchaser' of quality products, Bluefly has made it easy for me to shop.
Dan, 02/12/17
I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Bluefly. In a desperate search for this particular coat, I've been watching on various sites. Bluefly appeared just when I thought all hope was lost. And for the lowest price thus far.
Vanaloon, 02/12/17
For some reason, I love this site and have been coming here for years. It's the best one to make you feel like you're in an upscale store.
Anonymous, 02/11/17
I have never been disappointed with a purchase from Bluefly, and I've been a loyal customer for over ten years now! Thanks for being such a great company, both for products and customer service. Bluefly is definitely my guilty pleasure :)
JenMoz, 02/10/17
Had a quick and excellent shopping experience today. Really happy with the detailed info provided about the items I was looking at, LOVED the prices!
Anonymous, 01/25/17
I've always been obsessed with designer clothing and accessories, and now I can purchase them without having to worry about how my credit card will feel afterwards!
Anonymous, 01/19/17
My family has been shopping at Bluefly since I was little. First online purchase for my boyfriend's favorite pair of shoes at the cheapest price I can find at the moment, with free shipping! Will definitely shop online at Bluefly more often now.
Jasmine, 01/10/17
It is awesome!! I simply love the collection and rates. I have checked other websites simultaneously and they have higher rates of the same product even after discount. Customer service is great too. Highly recommend Bluefly to all my friends.
shefan, 01/10/17
The purse is beautiful--exactly as described and shown online. It was well packaged and quickly sent. Thanks for everything!
Marj, 01/08/17
The ease of shopping, the diverse selection of products, the really competitive pricing, along with the free shipping will make me a repeat customer.
Claudia, 01/05/17
I am very satisfied with Bluefly's Product pricing. Because of it I could buy a gift for my girlfriend at a reasonable price.
Donghyun, 01/03/17
Bluefly took away the guilt and put back the sheer pleasure of finding just the right pair of designer sunglasses to replace the expensive pair I had recently lost. And with Bluefly's amazing deals, I replaced my previous pair with two great designer styles for less than I had paid for my lost pair.
SunnyinPA, 01/02/17
I love that I can purchase designer things without the designer price.
Ro, 01/02/17