Every woman has their favorite handbag, and arguably, the black bag is the most-iconic staple in the huge world of handbags–the LBD of accessories. You know the icons: the Chanel 2.55 Shoulder Bag, the Prada Saffiano Tote and the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour, to name a few. While you definitely can’t go wrong with these designs, those of us with an accessory obsession crave variety. The beauty of the black bag is that it can also carry (pun intended) the latest trends. At Bluefly, we carry a huge selection of luxury handbags, from the classics to the trend-forward.

Here are a couple of trends that we simply can’t get enough of:

Trend 1: Embellishments

Both the lovers of the understated and the statement makers can rejoice, because the trend of embellished bags has resulted in a wide-ranging selection. From subtle, tonal braiding to eye-catching, all-over studs, there is something for everyone. Valentino has an entire collection that fits in seamlessly: the Rockstud–a Bluefly-customer favorite and a coveted style since its launch in 2010 (not to mention, Blue Ivy Carter-approved, the six-year old carried one while accompanying her parents to this year’s Grammy Awards).

We’re partial to beading, shaped studs (stars, hearts, butterflies) and unexpected embellishments like safety pins and acrylic.

TREND 2: Finishes

With the textile industry being as technologically advanced as ever, we have more and more options to choose from when it comes to handbag finishes. Those who prefer a more-subtle look can go for designs with embossed or metallic leather. Embossed leather offers textural interest, as well as the opportunity to mimic exotic types of leather, like crocodile and python, without the sky-high prices (an Hermès Crocodile Birkin can go for $50,000). Metallic, especially black metallic, still reads as classic and will not go out of style any time soon like colored metallic might.

As far as finishes for fashion risk-takers, go for a sleek laser-cut design (we love Salvatore Ferragamo’s Lana Tote with a laser-cut floral pattern) or sumptuous haircalf, which lends texture and an indulgent look & feel.

TREND 3: Pops of Color and Patterns

Black provides the ultimate, contrasting backdrop for colorful accents and patterns. Street-style inspiration has dominated trends for years and for handbags, graffiti prints are the obsession-worthy result. We love how these bright patterns pop against a black background. If you’re color-shy, don’t fret–black-and-white patterns are also a modern take on this trend. Plus, they gorgeously accent any monochromatic outfit.

Of course, vintage style is a constant inspiration for designers, and nothing says 60s quite like graphic, pop art. For bags, this means chunky, vividly hued patches, trims and patterns. Fendi’s use of playful, colorful shapes, like hearts and even a winking-face are downright obsession-worthy.

TREND 4: Logos

One trend that is here to stay is brand logos. Logo patterns have been a mainstay in designs for longer than you think, with the first Louis Vuitton monogram pattern appearing over 100 years ago in 1896.

Today, the logos are a bit louder. Think oversized, all-over renderings in bright colors or finishes. Even if you’re more of a classic-fashion fan, this trend is easy to get in on. You can go for a still-best-selling LV monogram handbag or choose a Saint Laurent style that features its “YSL” logo in an on-trend, large size but with sleek, clean lines. On the opposite end of the spectrum are logo-patterns with a rainbow’s-worth of colors and shiny, hardware that demand attention.

Pro tip: grab a gorgeous logo-adorned strap (we love this one from Fendi) or scarf to add even more style to your new it-bag.

TREND 5: Bold Silhouettes

Totes, satchels, envelope clutches, backpacks...we all know and love these classic shapes. But the beauty of ever-evolving fashion is truly seen in the unconventional handbag silhouettes of today. Sure, we have the very-current bucket bag, but on top of that, we have even more out-of-the-box designs like styles with four handles, casual-turned-chic laundry bag looks and geometric shapes with ultra-stark lines.

Plus, these new silhouettes seamlessly combine with other current trends like embellishments and logos to create versatile looks for everything from day-to-day style to evening wear.

So whether you’re looking for your new go-to, or multiple candidates to add to your ever-growing accessory collection, you can take these current trends and hit the ground running. With our expansive selection at simply unbeatable prices, Bluefly is the ideal place for your search.