Cuisinart Set Of 2 Non-Stick Reusable Grilling Sheets

Cuisinart Set Of 2 Non-Stick Reusable Grilling Sheets

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  • Design Details: Make Any Grill Surface Non-Stick And Easy To Clean Cover Your Grill Grate With One Of These Grilling Sheets And Marvel In The Ease Of Use While Creating A Griddle Experience And Still Getting Grill Marks. Keep Food Such As Chopped Vegetables From Falling Through The Cooking Grate While Also Saving The Hassle Of Scrubbing Down The Grill When You're Done. With The Griddle Design Of These Grilling Sheets, You Will Be Able To Grill Eggs, Bacon, And Even Pancakes And Say Goodbye To Flare Ups While Still Maintaining Bbq Flavor. Once You Have Finished Grilling On One Of These Sheets, Toss It In The Top Shelf Of Your Dishwasher And You Are All Set; Cuisinart Grilling Sheets Are 15.75" X 13 Allowing One Mat To Cover Most Of The GrillS Surface; Grilling Sheets Work With Any Kind Of Barbecue Grill
  • Propane Gas, Charcoal, Smoker, Or Electric; Reduce Waste By Replacing Aluminum Foil With These Reusable Sheets. Ideal For Grilling Shrimp And Fish. Perfect For Eggs, Bacon And Pancakes, Or Any Foods That Need A Flat Cooking Surface; Prevents Food Falling Through Cooking Grate While Still Providing Perfect Grill Marks. Perfect For Sliced Peppers, Onions, Asparagus, And Other Vegetables That Would Normally Fall Through The Grates; Why Steam Vegetables When They Can Be Grilled Grilling Enhances The Natural Sugar Content Of Vegetables While Imparting A Delicious Smoky Flavor.
  • Measures 15.8In X 13In X 0.05In
  • Hand Wash
  • Imported
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