Cuisinart Set Of 4 Sliding Skewers

Cuisinart Set Of 4 Sliding Skewers

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  • Design Details: Do You Like Kabobs But Don't Like Trying To Figure Out Better Ways To Remove Food From The Skewers Every Time Well Look No Further Because This Sliding Skewer Pack Allows You To Load Up Your Kabobs And With One Simple Sliding Motion Push All Of Your Food Safely To Its Destination. With An Easy And Convenient Sliding Mechanism, All Food Slides Off Together Without Any Fumbling And Bumbling Of Oddly Shaped Or Textured Foods. Shrimp, Steak, Chicken, Veggies, You Name It And When You Load Everything Onto These Skewers, Don't Worry About Anything Rolling Over Because The Dual Prong System Will Keep Your Kabobs Right Where They're Supposed To Be, On The Grill; The Best Tool For Delicious Kabobs; Dual Prong Skewers To Hold Lots Of Food And Prevent Rolling; Built In Slider To Easily Remove Cooked Food
  • Measures 19.1In X 1.4In X 4In
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Imported
• SKU: BF-100873196-3RQT