Oxo Tot Silicone Divided Plate With $6 Credit

Oxo Tot Silicone Divided Plate With $6 Credit

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  • The Oxo Tot Silicone Divided Plate Is Designed With Newly Independent Eaters And Their Parents In Mind. This Divided Plate Features A Weighted Base That Prevents Accidental Tipping To Keep Tables Neat And Build Toddlers' Confidence. The Extra Weight Also Reduces The Temptation To Play With The Plate And Experiment In Tossing It Onto The Floor. The Soft, Bpa-Free Silicone Is Food Safe And Stands Up To All Sorts Of Banging And Tapping Without Breaking. The High Walls Of The Divided Plate Curve Slightly Inward To Help Toddlers Get More Food Onto Their Spoons As They Scrape The Sides. The Walls And Compartment Dividers Also Provide Support For Fingers Learning To Pinch And Pick Up Small Bites, Making It Perfect For Building Confidence And Getting Food Into Hungry Tummies. The Plate Has Three Main Compartments And A Central Dipping Cup To Serve Balanced Meals And Healthy Proportions With Ease. It's Also Designed To Fit Little Hands, So It's Easily Carried Around By Toddlers Who Want To Do Everything By Themselves. Microwave Safe For Warming Up Meals And Dishwasher Safe For Fast, Parent-Friendly Cleanup.
  • Measures 1.5In X 7In X 11.4In
  • Made From Silicone
  • Dishwasher/Microwave
  • Imported
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