Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop Refill With $2 Credit

Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop Refill With $2 Credit

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  • Refill Pad For Microfiber Butterfly Mop
  • Our Butterfly Mop Features A Wide, Absorbent Sponge That Covers Large Areas With One Swipe, While The Microfiber Pad Grabs And Traps Dirt For Thorough Cleaning. The Comfortable, Easy-To-Hold Handle Fully Wrings The Mop With One Simple Pull, And The Sturdy Steel Pole Has A Low Pivot To Reach Under Furniture. The Mop Has Two Feet Which Elevate The Sponge Off The Ground While Not In Use To Ensure That It Dries Quickly And Completely.
  • Measures 4.45In X 14.65In X 1.35In
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